Trešnjevka Center2020

author: BIRO
project team: saša košuta, mario kralj, dora lončarić, hrvoje arbanas, vana pavlić, mario peko
client: City of Zagreb
location: Trešnjevka, zagreb
status: public tender, 2nd award
project year: 2020

The area of ​​the center of the Zagreb neighbourhood Trešnjevka was formed as a focal point of interconnected public areas, of movement and activity. The neighbourhod's focal point, with its center on the Trešnjevka Square, communicates closely with the market, the newly formed park to the south, the Zvonimir Milčec Park and the northern green zone. The system of clear public spaces introduces order to the disordered, possibly romantic ambience of Trešnjevka.

The red Trešnjevka zone, delineated in the form of a floor lining with a pronounced identity, unites the narrower zone and extends through the ground floor of the open market, the areas of the peripheral parks, the contact zone of roads and public transport, and crosses the roads in the form of overpasses. It binds various activities, scenarios and purposes to its pixelated matrix. The market is formed as a large four-eave roof that hovers above the red ground and covers the open area of ​​the market. When the market is not open, it belongs to the square and the park. The off-center ground-floor indoor spaces support the idea of ground-level passages through the western apartment block, and at the same time create a roof-covered whole with the square, a city porch of sorts. By evacuating the southernmost ground-level volume, communication is achieved between the square and the southern park by blocking contact with the delivery and commercial zone.

Below the roof, there is a level with an indoor market. The connection between the square, the roof-covered outdoor market and the indoor market on the first floor is achieved via three large atriums, closed courtyards. The atriums provide a pleasant microclimate on the roof floor, and illuminate the deep width of the ground floor. The geometry of the roof is fragmented and is in line with the context of the Trešnjevka matrix.