Trg sv. Trojstva (Holy Trinity Square)2020

design: BIRO
project team: saša košuta, mario kralj, dora lončarić, hrvoje arbanas, vana pavlić
client: City of Požega
location: Trg sv. Trojstva (Holy Trinity Square), požega
status: public tender, 3rd award
project year: 2020

The sensitive context of a historical and urban entity of exceptional significance requires a well-thought-out unobtrusive gesture allowing the central place in the center and backbone of the City of Požega to once again become the driving force of the city life, while at the same time respecting historical continuity and urban identity. It is crucial to harmonize the square, which is a single plane, with the organically developed space surrounding it, articulating the size of the square itself, one of its most salient features, in a functional, pleasant and atmospheric way.

With a complex shape forming an elongated triangle or funnel, the square is typically encompassed by a complex of significant and attractive buildings, and additionally by wooded greenery towering above the southern facade, forming an intricate, dynamic and visually exciting whole. In such a context, the square is designed as an uncomplicated clean surface, without visual barriers, which is, with its tranquil bareness, juxtaposed with the environment, accenutating it additionally. The empty space also functionally meets the requirements of a main city square, allowing flexibility of use for a variety of events. In the center of the square, there is an oval core of a regular shape that brings together the organic environment.

The remaining irregularly shaped portions are connected to the buildings that surround them, taking over the function of their permanent or temporary outdoor space, as needed. The protected historical urban entity is of special and very prominent value for the overall urban heritage of Croatia. Awareness of the city's history is stimulated by the presentation of memories in the square, which in addition to having a didactic and tourist component, create a strong identity and micro-location for rest in the square area.