CMI store2017

design: BIRO
project team: saša košuta, mario kralj, dora lončarić, hrvoje arbanas
photography: Jure Živković
client: Croatian Monetary Institute
location: Jurišićeva Street, Zagreb
status: executed
project year: 2017

The sales space of the Croatian Monetary Institute is integrated in a branch office of the Croatian Post in Jurišićeva Street in Zagreb. The increased number of visitors on account of this contributes to the visibility of the Monetary Institute, which is one of the first steps towards presenting and placing its products to the wider public.

The sales space in question represents a complete interior unit as is, which requires the installation of new elements so as to create, in a neutral way, a quality, simple and recognizable background for the presentation of the products of the Croatian Monetary Institute: gold and silver as well as medals made from other precious metals are shown in the front counter display cases, resting on black velvet and lit discreetly. The back counter is designed as an information and presentation board with the logo of the Monetary Institute integrated. It is divided by elegant vertical niches intended for the insertion of models or enlarged images of the models with large-scale motifs. The only accentuated material is the brass used in details of the signage and the borders of the vertical niches. The sensible, simple and somewhat somber approach reflects the discreet attitude towards the existing state of the premises, at the same time offering the best possible conditions for the presentation of the precious-metal medals.