POR showroom2020

design: BIRO
project team: Saša Košuta, Mario Kralj, Dora Lončarić, Hrvoje Arbanas, Anita Elez, Marija Medoš
client: price on request
location: Mutimirova street, Zagreb
status: built
project year: 2020
photography: jure živković

The showroom of the brand Price on request is located in a bourgeois apartment from the early 20th century. Spacious rooms with high ceilings, stylistic furniture and furnishings are juxtaposed with the fast-paced and contemporary creative processes of the brand.

The design concept simultaneously reconciles and emphasizes the differences between the apartment’s original state and the newly planned facilities, which include the showroom, a room for creative work, and temporary accommodation quarters. A volume has been “cut” within the apartment to create a lacuna of sorts for the presentation of the designer’s work, ranging from conceptual pieces to finished garments. This niche has been deliberately left unfinished in terms of construction and finishing works.

No finishing coverings were used here, leaving the constructive elements visible and laid bare in their raw state: brick walls, wood joists, and concrete floor slabs. In terms of the apartment’s ground plan, this unfinished niche forms a square in the center of the apartment independently of the remaining spatial organization, and is as such integrated into several different rooms at the same time. It can be viewed by moving circularly through the apartment and it can be entered. Its unfinished condition allows for numerous possibilities of extensions in the future.
In the ‘finished’ part of the apartment, original furniture is combined with newly designed pieces such as the elongated table on caster wheels, metal shelves, wall mirrors and built-in cabinets with an aquarium.

The stark contrast between the finished and the unfinished creates clear formal spatial boundaries, but also offers numerous possibilities for future extensions and upgrades of the space, both in terms of its program and its facilities, in the showroom as well as in the lounge.