Vanjski square2021

author: BIRO
project team: saša košuta, mario kralj, dora lončarić, hrvoje arbanas, vana pavlić, mario peko
client: City of Šibenik
location: Šibenik
status: public tender
project year: 2021

The area of the Vanjski Square is one of the three equally valuable historical, urban and sociocultural focal points of Šibenik's urban genesis. It is a space of layered historical and cultural identity, but has been neglected in its articulation and its potential remains unutilized, an issue that has become particularly apparent in the last 50 years. The area of the square is located at the city's significant traffic intersection of Ante Starčevića and Stjepana Radića streets. The urban design of the wider area surrounding the square places emphasis on pedestrian safety.

The new design of the Vanjski square is characterized by a twofold way of use: the area is both a transitory space and a space for people to stay and meet. The duality and oppositions of the existing state and the use of the space are the backbone of the new concept of the Vanjski Square area. The new design envisages two zones of space, which differ in the way of use and the atmosphere achieved, but are united in the form language. The sloping surface of the square is the main pedestrian communication that connects the northeastern part of the City of Šibenik with its southern part and the penetration towards the coast. The surface also follows the existing elevations of the entrances to cafes and bars. A new pittosporum tree is planted as the new focal point.

The second segment is a leveled surface that towers over the roads, surrounded by a continuous bench focused on the square. Users enjoy the terraces of hospitality facilities or the public bench, the beautiful views, protected from traffic in the pleasant shade provided by elms. A long continuous bench, a tree in focus, elevated leveled platforms, all of these are common motifs in the architecture of Mediterranean squares and public spaces, articulated here in response to the needs of the location and its recognized values.